Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Conniving and Deceitful

Each day I meditate – hoping and praying that I’m doing the right thing and treating people the way they should or want to be treated.  I’m grateful for every second, minute, hour and day that I’m with good health and able to understand the difference from up down, right left, right and wrong.  Although I’ve been fortunate to be on this earth for 45 years, it still amazes me how conniving and deceitful people are; no matter if they are caught they will stick to their lies and deceit.  What is the reason for this?  Why do people live to be deceitful and forget that the word integrity and truth exists?

When I come across these unrealistic humans that call themselves mankind, I can’t help but to feel pity for them although we should not pity any creature that was created by the hands of our creator.  I pity them because they take such pride and effort in lying, but no pride and effort in being truthful.  If they only knew the laws of Karma; what goes around often comes right back around.  I do believe that these hateful and deceitful people actually believe that they are a cut above the rest.

As each day permits me I will turn from these types without blinking or batting an eye.  I will not call these lying and deceitful creatures by their name.  When they look at me I will turn my back on them.  I will not acknowledge them as humans, because these traits are not acceptable and often times not forgivable.  If you are one of these types, recognize and admit your fault and try to succumb your ways and perhaps Karma won’t be so harsh when it’s your turn to receive back the conniving deceit you’ve given.

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  1. This is a great question. I have wondered this myself and have spent a lot of time pondering this. Here is what I currently believe to be the answer.
    First, I believe everything is education or information. Everything we do, we decide to do it based on some sort of benefit that we will receive or think we will receive. The issue then lies in what we perceive as a ‘benefit’. I’m not sure how much risk vs. reward plays as incarceration, pain, whippings, electric chairs don’t seem to be much of a deterrent. I think it’s more to do with a person needing something and not knowing how to get it in a positive manner that triggers this behavior.
    Also humans being hard wired to seek after perceived needs. So this person connives or deceives to get it because while they don’t know how to get properly it still doesn’t alleviate the fact that they need it. The ‘need’ or ‘benefit’ can be legitimate or illegitimate. We sometimes want things that are actually bad for us because we lack information. We might have head knowledge but not internal core knowledge. So we may know a cigarette will kill us as head knowledge, and in our internal core knowledge we may have the same understanding. What we are missing is an in depth internal core knowledge that describes in detail how exactly we will die from cigarettes. If we really equated ourselves dying from cancer to the actual gruesome way that cancer eats your body from the inside out, causing so much pain that the strongest pain coping methods can only ease it but not stop it. Then we may see a decrease in smoking. I hope this example was in depth enough to display my point.

    Ok, if you now understand the difference between head knowledge and internal core knowledge you see my point on education or information. It’s all in what we actually know in our core, not head knowledge. Your internal core totally overrides anything your head tells you in cases of contradictory information.
    This is why people believe clear contradictions in things like religion even though all the evidence points elsewhere. This is cause a person’s faith in God is internal core knowledge whereas most every else is head knowledge.

    A man that cheats on his wife sees a benefit of sex with another woman. Maybe he’s picturing the different feel and response of a new women as the benefit or maybe the new women will do things his wife won’t. If he thought that in reality this isn’t a benefit at all. That’s it’s more closely related to selling your most prized possession for pennies on the dollar then they wouldn’t do it; no benefit. In reality he would be damaging his own name, his wife, his sons, his daughters and most importantly his view of himself, his self worth which is linked to self esteem etc.

    (This comment was added on the behalf of Sonny Dothard)