Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Facebook and Networking

Each day I view Facebook – attempting to keep up with the flow of the latest news and gossip. I have to keep up with the flow because it’s a part of my job. I host an internet talk show and I must say; most of my talking is broadcasted via the talk show. It’s very hard for my thumbs and fingers to keep up the pace with these chat rooms, emails, text messages, soliciting and so on. The subjects are interesting and sometimes I like, but those chat rooms can be addictive. I love face booking, but my thumbs disable’s me from keeping up with all the hoopla.

Technology has truly been a blessing, but what will happen when Facebook or any other networking page is taken away? How would cyber society survive? People don’t talk anymore. We have so much technology; notebooks, kindles, I Pad’s, IPod’s, smart phones and I’m sure I’m missing something, but you get the picture. More than likely another mobile device is to be launched by the end of 2011. Laptops seem primitive. I suppose in the next ten years I will be touching my pulse on my wrist to answer a phone call or licking my lips to send out a text!

Whatever technology you may have or use, I still love my laptop because it’s user friendly. I can’t seem to use my smart phone like I want without making errors. As for the chat rooms; there is a new one almost every other day. I’ve noticed that I’ve become one of these morbid cyber people; loving to text and not wanting to talk. I suppose it’s easier to tell someone to kiss my ass or get lost in a text then perhaps stating it face to face.

I love Facebook, but life in this world is becoming impersonal. We rely so much on technology that we don’t know how to add, subtract or multiply without a calculator. Everything is instant. At one point I considered quitting the talk show being that everyone loves to text and chat on their smart devices. Communicating one on one by talking is becoming a thing of the past. I’m also caught up in the cyber syndrome. I can’t take a piss without my smart phone. What about you?
Think about it.

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