Tuesday, December 15, 2020

What Next


December is here, and 2021 is near.  We are still battling the pandemic with the hopes that vaccination could soothe the destruction of America.  However, many of us are not quite sure of this vaccination. I’m talking about black people.  Throughout history, Black Americans have been the butt end of every experiment that has taken place. There is no need for examples because as you read this, I’m sure that a few come to mind.  I had to get right to the point because there is no need in sugar-coating any given subject during these perilous times.


Although the election is over, it won’t go away.  It keeps hovering over our heads like a bad hangover from the night out on the town.  It appears that the “45” is planning a coup d’├ętat, and everyone seems to be okay with it. American seems to be going the same route as Korea before they were split in half in 1945.  If you never knew what happens during a coup, check out Siam’s history, now known as Thailand.  American is not ready for that, and it would be a blood bath. 


For my life, I cannot fathom why people are not concentrating on what is essential; COVID and the existence of mankind.  This pandemic has taken lives and left people homeless and penniless through unemployment. Sickness is sweeping through the city as a sandstorm in the desert.  We have people suffering from mental illness and depression, racism, sexism, and any other isms you can think of. Children are being caged, and the young girl’s generation is being dissipated by the government’s hand; instant hysterectomies.   Instead of joining forces to make the world better, people follow a mad man, destroying what is left of an already broken society. 


What will it take to get America to a happy place? If you are a person of color, it never really was a place filled with blissfulness.  Since slavery, black people have always been buttonholed, and it seems as if it will not ever end.  So, are you looking forward to 2021?  Are you working to make it better?  Have you thought about the future of your people?  Will you trust to take the vaccination?  Will you help those in need?  Are you willing to fight for what is truth?  Are you ready to fight against the desolation of the forty-five’s Smaug?


Think about it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

How do we overcome

It’s been almost two years since my last blog.  I haven’t had the time or patience to write—however, this time, I had to make an omission.  Maybe I will make an exception and blog at least once a week.  In our present society, there is no rest for the weary.  Whenever I awake, there is something new occurring.  The world is beginning to weigh heavily on my heart, mind, and spirit. It enables me to communicate with my peers.

I remember over thirty-five years ago when I heard the songs in school, “We shall overcome.”  It seems to me that it hasn’t occurred as of yet.  I would often hear people at church praying and thanking their Jesus for a better day – church members singing peace be still.  Peace has not yet come.  When will we stop yearning and dreaming about change?  What are we to do now?  How are we going to get back to the normal that we never had?  Never.  There is no justice and no peace.

As I periodically watch the news to hear the latest update on COVID-19, low and behold, I hear about the death of a young woman – shot in her apartment while she was asleep.  Next, I hear of a young man, gun downed by two people who call themselves protecting the neighborhood.  Okay. I’m feeling agitated now.  The next horrific incident I see is a man choked to death, begging for his life.  The agony lasted for eight minutes and forty-six seconds.  That is the time I will not ever forget.  Eight forty-six plays over and over in my mind.   By the way, I could only watch that video one time.  I could not endure to see it again.

After the death of this man, I now see protesters marching for justice – all across the globe. There have been countless times when I’ve heard of some black person shot to death either through by police or some ordinary fool that states he is standing his ground.  I’ve lived as a recluse before the pandemic and these senseless murders.  Now the question presents itself as to what are we going to do?  What should we do?  Is protesting enough?  Of course not.  It will not ever be.  Will black people ever be respected?  Never and black people need to get it in their heads that they need to come together and make decisions.  

Right before the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr passed on, he realized that he led his people into an alley that they will not surpass. MLK realized there is one key ingredient to making this world better for black people and people of color, but we need to be steadfast and stick together.  Is it violence? Not necessarily so, but it will require sacrifice. It is time for blackout days. That is the sacrifice.  If we are not willing to make that sacrifice, these bullets will continue to hit us daily.

                                                             Think about it

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

It Will Happen Again

Here we are again discussing the injustices of racism of this world that will not ever end.  We experience, witness, and or see violence by hate.  This recent massacre (yes, it is a massacre) would not exist if the FBI kept weapons of this last monster. FBI gave guns to the monster's father, and the father returned the firearms to his beast.  His father was irresponsible, and this is what happens when you give guns to irresponsible people.  That Monster, whose name I refuse to say, committed this hate crime should be in jail with no parole or perhaps the death penalty. And yes; this was a hate crime.  Through by reliable sources, I heard that he started two days prior at the Publix on the opposite side of the street of the Waffle House.

The monster we are discussing was at Publix shouting racist slurs about Black People until he was asked to leave by a manager.  This manager didn’t give this Racist the opportunity to finish his statements.  Who knew that this would be the very monster to massacre innocent people at the Waffle House? The monster’s intent (if not for that customer intervention) was to kill everyone within that restaurant.   If he had mental issues, he should not be a part of society and not allowed access to firearms.  The shooting should not have occurred.  I place blame on his father, the state, and the government because they control the weapons issue.  More incidents will continue to happen.  I have sincere sympathy for the families who have experienced this massacre.  Killings and murders will continue to occur with ethnic people becoming victims of racist gun violence.  My heart truly aches when I hear of these incidents. 

If this does not bother you, something is wrong.  I believe if the monster did not leave Publix, he would have started there.  Then, it could have been me gunned down, my son, or a friend because I go to that Publix often and that’s why I said it could have been my son or me.  It could have been many of my friends that frequent that Publix.  Now, let's return to the scene of the crime; The Waffle house.  Those people were victims of a hate crime and once again it could have been me that decided to have waffles.  It could have been a friend, a relative or anyone that I know.  It hurts to see our people murdered in such a way.  The four people did not deserve to die this way.  Believe me or not, this is going to be swept under the rug like a thief in the night because we are so forgiving and you know who the “we” are.  What if that was your son, daughter, sister, brother, mother, lover, friend, husband, wife, aunt, uncle, etc.?  What would you do and how would you feel?

Where do we go from here and how can we withstand?  Believe it or not, it will happen again as it has been happening most frequent with Black people gunned down due to racism.  Believe or not, he just might get away because he will plead insanity.  The law works for them, but not for you.  Arm yourself and teach your children and whomever you know about racism.  It is still here and will not go away.  It's amazing how the word “allegedly” is thrown around about this psychopath.   You can’t say that he committed the crime but you can use the word “allegedly.”

Let me repeat; arm and protect yourself.  Teach your loved ones about racism because it is not ever going away.   The law does not work for you.  Look at history as it is undeniably repeating itself.  Guns do not shoot people.  Stupid people with guns do the damage.  No matter how much you pray or believe in non-violence, it’s not going to stop it from happening. 

I may very well be persecuted for this blog, and that’s okay.  That’s the way life is when you tell the truth without adding sugar and spice. It’s okay for others to speak their mind, but we cannot.  Hint?   It's time to get off of the sidelines and say something and do something.  Protesting is subtle but adds a boycott.  Remember the Montgomery boycott or did we fail history?   The late Dr. Henrik Clarke said, “we did not study our history.”  Not only did we not study our past we did not look at the history of other ethnic groups. It is time to be smarter.

Stay tuned for ways to survive the demise of Black people.  Think about it

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Hello 2018

It had been a while since my last blog sometime last year.  This blog is my very first blog of the year. Goodbye 2017 and hello 2018. Going forward, perhaps I should try this at least once a month

I have many thoughts in mind that I need to share before the year becoming a little older. First of all, 2017 was an exciting year for me.   Was it terrible, of course not.  Everyone has issues to bare, and we need to learn to take the good with the bad.  Out of all the bad, there was a lot of good that took place in my life.  I’m very grateful for what transpired.

Now, 2018 is here.  I did not make any resolutions, and I feel that is best.  Most times we make statements or declarations and do not follow through.  I did not make many in 2017, but I’ve accomplished much.  I am pleased with my endeavors and plan to do more, such as writing, producing, traveling, etc.  I’m still very much a family person, but for the most part, I’ve become a recluse. In spite of being in my bubble, I always get out and mingle or converse with my loved ones.

Before 2017 ended, many people have reached out to me with their happy holiday cheers and pass along texts or emails.  Most were cute and something to think on.  Many of the texts I received often said, keep it going.  I wonder if it meant only for that particular holiday/season or forever?  I’m the type of person that believes in spreading cheer and beautiful thoughts all year round.  This planet very much needs it with all the negativity spreading like wildfire. 

If I say hello, happy Friday, have a Feng Shui day and or I love you, believe me, it is from the heart and not for just that holiday/season.  A lot of us get so caught up in the particular holidays and forget when it's all over that some of us need that “good morning,” or “hello, I hope all is well” text or IM from time to time.  I’m looking forward to seeing what will transpire this year and I’ve learned from last year not to put off for tomorrow and do it now.  Because tomorrow will not ever come; it’s only a saying.

Think about it.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Tom Lee - Worthy Negro

A week and one day ago, I visited Memphis Tennessee.  My significant and I partook in the TSU vs. JSU festivities (Southern Heritage Classic).  The weekend was mostly for my soul mate to enjoy.  I’m not that big on football any longer. The day of our departure, my significant other wanted to visit the riverfront.  I was okay with that.  It’s a beautiful site and also now, named the Tom Lee Park.  I wasn’t aware that the name of the river park is named Tom Lee Park and that Tom Lee is a black man.  Discovering Tom Lee was another black history moment for us.

We took the opportunity to view and read the statues/monument of Tom Lee.  He was an honorable man of integrity from what I can see and understand.  But here’s what got next to me and my significant other.  On the monument, Tom Lee was a, “a worthy negro.”  When I read that part, it took me off guard with a head role and all.  It stated, exactly that he was  “ a worthy negro” because Tom took it upon himself to rescue several white men who capsized in 1925.   

That’s good, I suppose.  We were very flabbergasted at the wording, “worthy negro.”  Hmmm.  If he’s a worth negro, what are the rest of the negros?  Unworthy?  I feel that this monument is dated and should be changed to say, “he was an honorable man of integrity.”  Yes; I understand that in the days of old black people were called negros.  We went from the n-word (still considered the N-word) to negros.  From Negros to colored.  From colored to black people.  Now, society in America is so stupid because descents from slaves referred as “African Americans.”  Yes, people; that is stupid.  Very stupid.  In order to be called African American, you must be born in Africa. It’s obvious that blacks at one time stolen from Africa, but they were not born there.   If you are born on American soil, you are American.  It doesn’t matter your parents’ origin. The first slave bone in America is American.  However, that is another blog for another week.

Getting back to Tom Lee; I’m still perturbed over the term, “worthy negro.”  What negro has ever been unworthy?  I just would like to know. Because during slavery, and during Jim Crowe, we Black people had no choice in following the rules.  Even if blacks followed the rules, they were either beaten, hung, raped, sodomized, or castrated.  So, if Tom Lee is a worthy Negro, what are blacks considered modern day?

Think about it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It did happen

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the civil rights museum in Memphis.  I’m on my second visit, but it still seemed like the very first time.  It’s amazing how much occurred in America’s past that people seem to have forgotten. Maybe we haven’t forgotten, but we want to overlook because what occurred was too horrible.  It’s not a vivid of the imagination. Slavery was real and a horrific time in history.  


My significant other wanted to visit the Civil Rights Museum, but I must admit.  I was hesitant because it is awful to believe and think of how this could have ever happened – how people succumbed to this atrocity. Still today; no apologies, no retribution to the descendants, and people still do not recognize us as being a citizen.  When I say us, I mean any descendant of slavery, which is truly unfair.

Getting back to the Civil rights museum, I recommend any one of any race, creed, a religious or political background to visit.  It is something that will make you think just a little different, that’s if you have any humanity within your heart.  We took several pictures and discussed the when, why, where, and how of it all.  It is still painful to see and to think of even at this particular moment.

However, I do not feel this is a place for children to roam or visit unless their mind is ready for this sort of thing.  Several children that were playing appeared to me (in observance) that this was not a big deal.  They went from room to room, dancing, laughing, as if it was all a big joke.  I often marvel if parents or schools that bring children at the museum explain what it’s all about.  Once again; I state that children should not attend unless their mindset is there or understand.  Until parents explain to children what happened and how real it is, there is not a particular point in having that sort of field trip.

I know that It has been a very long time since I shared something on my blog.  Life has kept me quite busy for the past years, but I’m back.  I will continue to share each month my thoughts and new adventures because I’m sure there are more to come.