Thursday, July 7, 2011

LIfe After Death

Is there really an afterlife?  I often wonder this
when I hear of so many dying – for no apparent
reason; murders and killings.  This weekend I
was given the statistics of how many people
have died in the war versus how many young
black men (and or people) died as a result to
gun violence.  The black people who died as a
result to gun violence out figured the number of
soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.  That’s horrific!  I
wonder is there an afterlife or will most of these
poor souls ever be reincarnated?

We’re told through by our religions leaders that there is a
heaven and a hell.  Most times I don’t believe.
I’m often told that once you die your soul/spirit moves on and
lives again.  I definitely hope not
because I don’t want a repeat this life.  I don’t
want to live again in any life form because I’ve lived
in this universe and I don’t want to return to a world of
hatred and confusion ever again; once it’s over
for me, I want it to be official.

I can’t imagine coming back again as someone
or something else to actually experience
another lifetime in this world; I loathe this world and
what it has become. We lost the humanistic qualities that was given to us through by our creator. We've become greedy and selfish - kicking the next man, woman or child when they are down.  Instead of the world changing for the better we seem to be headed for the worst.  We’re
more concerned with saving the environment
instead of saving mankind.  The earth will
replenish itself, but the human race will subside.

When I hear the statistics of deaths and murders,
I only pray that their souls are at rest because I’m
not so certain of the afterlife or if it truly exists.  
My reasons for saying such is because if people
really believed in the afterlife, they wouldn’t be
so busy being hateful and trifling. If there is an afterlife people wouldn't spend so much time worrying about money or kicking the next person while they are down. If there was an afterlife people wouldn't spend the majority of their lives worrying about money, fame or recognition. For what ever you possess you can't take it with you.

Think about it