Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Making a statement when you’re not sincere

There are various words, statements, sayings or connotations that we utilize on a daily basis without knowing the real meaning or living up to the words that we say. For example: I love you, you’re my best buddy, I love you more, I care for you, you’re my friend, you’re my BFF or friends to the end. Those are just examples. Do you ever think about what you say before you actually say it? Do you really mean or feel what you say? Do you actually live up to the part?

Let’s focus on the word friend for a moment. Think about that word and what it means to you. During my short hiatus (due to illness) many people threw that word out to me. They say things like “my friend” or “Sincerely your best friend” or this is “my best friend”. Do we really know the exact definition of the word friend?

There are various definitions as well as descriptions of a friend. A friend is considered your confidant; a person that will be honest, truthful and there for you at any time of need. A friend is a person that patrons and supports you when you have a silly dream or idea (although it may not be conducive). A friend is a person that generally listens to you rant about your problems and woes and doesn’t stab you in the back. A friend basically helps you any way that is feasible. We often say we are a friend or this is my friend, but are you really? Is that person really your friend?

First you need to determine if you can be a friend. Are you the type of friend that is willing to receive a call from your buddy, pal and or an ally when he or she lands in jail? You need to be dependable and willing to listen to that person when they had a fight or breakup within their relationship. You need to be there for you friend when he or she goes to a hospital or just simply having a mental break down. You need to determine if you are willing to go shopping or hang out with that friend when that friend is in need. Basically you will need to have that persons’ back. To sum it up, you’re altruistic. If you are not that type of person, you shouldn’t expect to have a friend when you’re in need.