Monday, December 26, 2011

Inactive Friends

Whenever you have an inactive account such as a bank account, credit card account or etcetera, what often happens to these accounts? It’s closed or deleted. What happens when you have inactive friends? Are they tossed to the side, or given the warning that they are now inactive and need to reactivate their friendship?

2012 is around the corner. I have several inactive friends and they are going to be given the official boot when the clock strikes 12 of the New Year. No hard feelings, because more than likely they feel the same. If these inactive friends haven’t taken the opportunity to call or say hello, delete their number and move on. It’s time for bigger and better things. Will making new friends be the best thing to do to replace the inactive friends? Of course not; go with the flow. If it’s meant to develop new friends it will happen. Don’t push it or force it; let it happen naturally.

The question may pop in mind about your FB friends, Twitter people LinkedIn and so on. More than likely these are not personal friends. These are “networking friends”. Of course you may have your personal friends and family in the loop, but the networking friends are different. You should know the difference by now.

Take time and make time with the friends that you have and cherish the moments. Prepare to plan events, dinners, luncheons and outings with your existing friends in the New Year. Leave the past behind and remember that your inactive friends were only meant to be in your life for a seasons. Learn from your experience with your inactive friends. They were friends for a reason that you may not fathom at this moment.

Think about it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Making a statement when you’re not sincere

There are various words, statements, sayings or connotations that we utilize on a daily basis without knowing the real meaning or living up to the words that we say. For example: I love you, you’re my best buddy, I love you more, I care for you, you’re my friend, you’re my BFF or friends to the end. Those are just examples. Do you ever think about what you say before you actually say it? Do you really mean or feel what you say? Do you actually live up to the part?

Let’s focus on the word friend for a moment. Think about that word and what it means to you. During my short hiatus (due to illness) many people threw that word out to me. They say things like “my friend” or “Sincerely your best friend” or this is “my best friend”. Do we really know the exact definition of the word friend?

There are various definitions as well as descriptions of a friend. A friend is considered your confidant; a person that will be honest, truthful and there for you at any time of need. A friend is a person that patrons and supports you when you have a silly dream or idea (although it may not be conducive). A friend is a person that generally listens to you rant about your problems and woes and doesn’t stab you in the back. A friend basically helps you any way that is feasible. We often say we are a friend or this is my friend, but are you really? Is that person really your friend?

First you need to determine if you can be a friend. Are you the type of friend that is willing to receive a call from your buddy, pal and or an ally when he or she lands in jail? You need to be dependable and willing to listen to that person when they had a fight or breakup within their relationship. You need to be there for you friend when he or she goes to a hospital or just simply having a mental break down. You need to determine if you are willing to go shopping or hang out with that friend when that friend is in need. Basically you will need to have that persons’ back. To sum it up, you’re altruistic. If you are not that type of person, you shouldn’t expect to have a friend when you’re in need.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Facebook and Networking

Each day I view Facebook – attempting to keep up with the flow of the latest news and gossip. I have to keep up with the flow because it’s a part of my job. I host an internet talk show and I must say; most of my talking is broadcasted via the talk show. It’s very hard for my thumbs and fingers to keep up the pace with these chat rooms, emails, text messages, soliciting and so on. The subjects are interesting and sometimes I like, but those chat rooms can be addictive. I love face booking, but my thumbs disable’s me from keeping up with all the hoopla.

Technology has truly been a blessing, but what will happen when Facebook or any other networking page is taken away? How would cyber society survive? People don’t talk anymore. We have so much technology; notebooks, kindles, I Pad’s, IPod’s, smart phones and I’m sure I’m missing something, but you get the picture. More than likely another mobile device is to be launched by the end of 2011. Laptops seem primitive. I suppose in the next ten years I will be touching my pulse on my wrist to answer a phone call or licking my lips to send out a text!

Whatever technology you may have or use, I still love my laptop because it’s user friendly. I can’t seem to use my smart phone like I want without making errors. As for the chat rooms; there is a new one almost every other day. I’ve noticed that I’ve become one of these morbid cyber people; loving to text and not wanting to talk. I suppose it’s easier to tell someone to kiss my ass or get lost in a text then perhaps stating it face to face.

I love Facebook, but life in this world is becoming impersonal. We rely so much on technology that we don’t know how to add, subtract or multiply without a calculator. Everything is instant. At one point I considered quitting the talk show being that everyone loves to text and chat on their smart devices. Communicating one on one by talking is becoming a thing of the past. I’m also caught up in the cyber syndrome. I can’t take a piss without my smart phone. What about you?
Think about it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time does not heel all wounds

It’s been a year and almost two months since my brother passed. I will never forget the time and the date it occurred. Every Friday it blows my mind to know that he’s gone and that I’ll never see him again. I was told that time heels all wounds, but sometimes it doesn’t. You can try to push the pain and sorry out of your head, but it never leaves the heart.

A co-worker lost her brother the other day and she says that she stops and cries all day long. I told her that it’s okay to cry and don’t try to stop. Let it all out. It’s going to be heavy on your heart every day. And perhaps one day you will stop crying, but the pain will still be there.

The day I lost my brother I felt as if a piece was taken out of my heart. It’s an indescribable feeling that is hard to explain. It weighs heavy on your heart and spirit although you know this is a duty we all will make someday. I explained to my co-worker that although death is a part of life it’s still hard to fathom. Maybe because reality sets in and we realize that this person will never be seen physically again. The only thing we have left is perhaps a picture or memory of that love one.

I’ve been trying a different approach on how to get over the pain. I just think about the funny things he would and say and laugh. He was also a talented musician. I would think about how he would play the guitar as if it was second nature. When conversing with my other siblings we reminisce on our past with him and conversations. My eldest brother took it the hardest because he was his first sibling. Not to say that we don’t grieve, but it’s different somehow. My eldest had the time to experience him as a baby and shared 2 ½ years with him alone.

When I talk to my oldest brother he always says, “I feel that I’ve let him down because I wasn’t there to protect him”. I had to explain to him that when our number is up there’s not anything that anyone can do. He walked his walked and we have to walk ours. Life is truly a journey that only ones self can make.

So…what is the answer to heeling the wound? It will never heel. You just have to embrace it and take the beating. Cry when you feel like crying. Laugh when you feel like laughing. Talk when you feel like talking. Now, I understand the meaning of cherishing and accepting people for who they are. Life is a vapor and we are only here for a season.
Think about it

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Registering Your Child For School

Registering a child for school is not what I thought it would be. You would have thought that I was applying for a credit card. They asked for my water bill, electric bill, mortgage voucher and proof of vehicle registration along with the child’s birth certificate and immunization records. Needless to say,
when I inquired about registering my child I was not informed that I needed any extra documents; only the birth certificate, immunization form and proof of residency.

After completing the paper work I turned it in to the clerk. I gave her my documents and was then informed that I needed proof of vehicle registration. I asked what was the purpose of my vehicle registration? At that time I did not have it in my car. All I had is the title to my vehicle. That would not suffice. I explained to them that I have my correct address on my title. Nothing has changed within the past 7 years in reference to where I live. You can compare my address with my mortgage papers and utility bill. Still; not good enough they told me. They wanted vehicle registration to prove that I resided in the county in order for the school to receive their tax dollars.

Moving forward I offered my drivers license. They said that this would not be sufficient. This is when I became baffled. I was becoming a bit angry because now they were sending me out the door for more proof. Here I had my sons birth certificate, immunization form, copy of mortgage coupon and utility bill and of course my car title. These people said that this was not good enough. They didn't care if I was the parent of the child. They only cared about the tax dollars going to the school. The continuously mentioned to me the importance of tax dollars not be counting; 7 times.

My mind begins to wonder. What if I was a criminal that stolen a child and someones identity? That didn't matter as long as I had a vehicle registration showing that I live in my home. The title of the car does not suffice. I was troubled at what type of society we live in. I could have very well been a pedophile, murderer or kidnapper. I could have kidnapped a child and registered him or her in school. It didn't matter as long as I had proof of residency for their tax dollars. It leads me to believe that we may have plenty of kidnapped children going to school under the very noses of teachers and principles and no one would ever know because the proof of vehicle registration is what's more important.

I later that day called the Board of education because this truly bothered me. He explained to me that it makes perfect sense. The vehicle registration proves you are paying your tax dollars to the correct county. I asked what If I did not have a car? What will happen then? I was told that I would be listed as a person with no car. I then asked why didn't my license suffice? He said because we only ask for that when you pick up the child. I said oh. It doesn't matter who could be registering or dropping off your child. It only matters who is picking the child up. These leads me to believe that if you're looking for a kidnapped or lost child they could very well be a student at one of the schools because who ever checks id?

Think about it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

LIfe After Death

Is there really an afterlife?  I often wonder this
when I hear of so many dying – for no apparent
reason; murders and killings.  This weekend I
was given the statistics of how many people
have died in the war versus how many young
black men (and or people) died as a result to
gun violence.  The black people who died as a
result to gun violence out figured the number of
soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.  That’s horrific!  I
wonder is there an afterlife or will most of these
poor souls ever be reincarnated?

We’re told through by our religions leaders that there is a
heaven and a hell.  Most times I don’t believe.
I’m often told that once you die your soul/spirit moves on and
lives again.  I definitely hope not
because I don’t want a repeat this life.  I don’t
want to live again in any life form because I’ve lived
in this universe and I don’t want to return to a world of
hatred and confusion ever again; once it’s over
for me, I want it to be official.

I can’t imagine coming back again as someone
or something else to actually experience
another lifetime in this world; I loathe this world and
what it has become. We lost the humanistic qualities that was given to us through by our creator. We've become greedy and selfish - kicking the next man, woman or child when they are down.  Instead of the world changing for the better we seem to be headed for the worst.  We’re
more concerned with saving the environment
instead of saving mankind.  The earth will
replenish itself, but the human race will subside.

When I hear the statistics of deaths and murders,
I only pray that their souls are at rest because I’m
not so certain of the afterlife or if it truly exists.  
My reasons for saying such is because if people
really believed in the afterlife, they wouldn’t be
so busy being hateful and trifling. If there is an afterlife people wouldn't spend so much time worrying about money or kicking the next person while they are down. If there was an afterlife people wouldn't spend the majority of their lives worrying about money, fame or recognition. For what ever you possess you can't take it with you.

Think about it

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Accepting the Flaw

When you meet someone and you notice a flaw would you correct that person or help them unknowingly? When I say help that person unknowingly I mean without making that person feel uncomfortable and do it with kindness instead of being shrewd. Everyone isn’t perfect; if we were perfect we would not be a part of this universe. We tend to want to mold a person into someone else instead of enhancing what that person already posses.

Every person has a certain quality and personality that can use some enhancements. We want to believe that there isn’t anything wrong with us, but often that’s not true. If you meet a person that seems to be the loneliest person in the world it’s because they don’t see the flaw within their self and is not willing to change. Also, no one took the time to help that person make a change. Most often, change is for the best. We also need to realize before we love or interact with others you must first learn to love yourself. Okay; most of us do need an attitude adjustment. I may need some adjustments my self, but at least I know and am willing to admit that it’s needed. What troubles me most is that most of us are not willing to work on you and make a change for the better.

People have the tendencies to walk away instead of working with what they have. We always look for the shiniest item instead of working with the diamond in the ruff. When work is required, we’re most likely to run. Without perseverance this planet would not exist; that is the same analogy we should utilize in everything we do. Its equivalent to planting a seed and watching it grow. A flower or vegetable that you plant from a seed does not grow on its own; it needs food, water, sunlight, love and care.

I believe that it’s a good thing to try to find the good in a person first before looking for the flaws. If you love or like a person you will help them instead of just ridiculing or backbiting about their situation. The tongue is a powerful tool and it cuts like a dull knife. If you’re cut by a sharp knife you will feel it later, but a dull knife hurts tremendously and is long lasting. We need to consider others feelings and treat others as they want to be treated; with kindness and understanding. Be willing to help others that you care for regardless of the flaws. Remember; no one is perfect.

Think about it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

 A woman walks by with long beautiful flowing hair, awesome shape, perfect lips, perfect nose and beautiful skin; she's considered a Goddess.  All heads turn as soon as this woman saunters down the street. She doesn't acknowledge the glances she receives, she continues on her way as if there was no one in sight.  Before she continues on her path she drops something; it's her lipstick. One of the men hurries to retrieve the lipstick and gives it to her.  She takes the lipstick without a smile or saying two simple words; thank you.  

Another woman walks by that happens to be average looking; cropped off dark hair, thick glasses, blemished complexion and somewhat on the heavy side.  She so happens to be carrying three bags and drops one. She struggles to pick up the bag with the items that she dropped.  She had to place the other bags down in order to maintain.  Meanwhile, there are several men standing nearby that notice her, but do not offer to help.

I gave these two examples because we're taught that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; is this true?  Television as well as the media in general always portrays people of beauty; you must have a particular shape, face, skin tone, height and weight.  If you don't possess an asymmetry face, clef in chin and etceteras, you won't make the cut.  They say it's the knowledge you posses and attitude, but in this world it's not about your manners or having the perfect attitude it's all about the look. No one wants to be the ugly duckling if it was so we wouldn't have plastic surgeons and oodles of cosmetics,

Even God has a thing for beauty.  He created the heavens and earth.  The sky is blue, the reflection from the waters is blue and it also states in the bible that the Devil was the most beautiful Angel created.  Everyone reacts to a beautiful person far different from an average looking person.  Test it out for your self and see where you fit in with this Beauty scenario. But in order for pretty to withstand you must have and acknowledge the ugly.

Think about it

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Conniving and Deceitful

Each day I meditate – hoping and praying that I’m doing the right thing and treating people the way they should or want to be treated.  I’m grateful for every second, minute, hour and day that I’m with good health and able to understand the difference from up down, right left, right and wrong.  Although I’ve been fortunate to be on this earth for 45 years, it still amazes me how conniving and deceitful people are; no matter if they are caught they will stick to their lies and deceit.  What is the reason for this?  Why do people live to be deceitful and forget that the word integrity and truth exists?

When I come across these unrealistic humans that call themselves mankind, I can’t help but to feel pity for them although we should not pity any creature that was created by the hands of our creator.  I pity them because they take such pride and effort in lying, but no pride and effort in being truthful.  If they only knew the laws of Karma; what goes around often comes right back around.  I do believe that these hateful and deceitful people actually believe that they are a cut above the rest.

As each day permits me I will turn from these types without blinking or batting an eye.  I will not call these lying and deceitful creatures by their name.  When they look at me I will turn my back on them.  I will not acknowledge them as humans, because these traits are not acceptable and often times not forgivable.  If you are one of these types, recognize and admit your fault and try to succumb your ways and perhaps Karma won’t be so harsh when it’s your turn to receive back the conniving deceit you’ve given.