Wednesday, April 4, 2012

End of the World – Sign of the Time

I looked at the temperature for the day and noticed that it’s extremely warm for this time of year; 91 degrees to be exact. As I look around and listen to the mummers of people I hear them say, “It’s the sign of the time and the end of the world”. The world ends for someone every single day. When you take your last breath it will be the end of your world here on this place we call earth. And besides; who would really want to stay in this world for eternity?

I’ve been noticing how rude, inconsiderate and racist people have become; every second, minute and hour of the day. People don’t and won’t accept a mere apology. People won’t say excuse me and or people are just hateful and racists. It almost makes you hate to be around people at any given time; at least that’s how I feel.

There is so much unnecessary tension in the air for no apparent reason; people hating people of color are the ones that I truly despise. No matter what is said and done, racism will remain until people wake up and say that enough is enough, but that will never happen. It makes me look forward to my end of to this world because this world is far beyond its reach of peace and harmony. If there is such a thing of reincarnation I would like to pass up that opportunity. I do not wish to come back to this place of sorrow, deceit, poverty stricken world of racism.

It’s amazing that we can send a man to the moon, turn a mobile phone into a miniature computer, or perform a face transplant, but hate a person that you had never been met before due to the color of his or her skin. We can’t change this. My only hope and thought is to live long enough to see my children grow and be capable of taking care of themselves while I’m gone. I sincerely apologize to them daily for being foolish enough to bring them into this ill-gotten world of hatred. This world this creator created is already gone to hell.

The sign of times it may seem, but the end of your time it’s not until you take your last breath.
Think about it.