Monday, December 26, 2011

Inactive Friends

Whenever you have an inactive account such as a bank account, credit card account or etcetera, what often happens to these accounts? It’s closed or deleted. What happens when you have inactive friends? Are they tossed to the side, or given the warning that they are now inactive and need to reactivate their friendship?

2012 is around the corner. I have several inactive friends and they are going to be given the official boot when the clock strikes 12 of the New Year. No hard feelings, because more than likely they feel the same. If these inactive friends haven’t taken the opportunity to call or say hello, delete their number and move on. It’s time for bigger and better things. Will making new friends be the best thing to do to replace the inactive friends? Of course not; go with the flow. If it’s meant to develop new friends it will happen. Don’t push it or force it; let it happen naturally.

The question may pop in mind about your FB friends, Twitter people LinkedIn and so on. More than likely these are not personal friends. These are “networking friends”. Of course you may have your personal friends and family in the loop, but the networking friends are different. You should know the difference by now.

Take time and make time with the friends that you have and cherish the moments. Prepare to plan events, dinners, luncheons and outings with your existing friends in the New Year. Leave the past behind and remember that your inactive friends were only meant to be in your life for a seasons. Learn from your experience with your inactive friends. They were friends for a reason that you may not fathom at this moment.

Think about it.