Wednesday, April 25, 2018

It Will Happen Again

Here we are again discussing the injustices of racism of this world that will not ever end.  We experience, witness, and or see violence by hate.  This recent massacre (yes, it is a massacre) would not exist if the FBI kept weapons of this last monster. FBI gave guns to the monster's father, and the father returned the firearms to his beast.  His father was irresponsible, and this is what happens when you give guns to irresponsible people.  That Monster, whose name I refuse to say, committed this hate crime should be in jail with no parole or perhaps the death penalty. And yes; this was a hate crime.  Through by reliable sources, I heard that he started two days prior at the Publix on the opposite side of the street of the Waffle House.

The monster we are discussing was at Publix shouting racist slurs about Black People until he was asked to leave by a manager.  This manager didn’t give this Racist the opportunity to finish his statements.  Who knew that this would be the very monster to massacre innocent people at the Waffle House? The monster’s intent (if not for that customer intervention) was to kill everyone within that restaurant.   If he had mental issues, he should not be a part of society and not allowed access to firearms.  The shooting should not have occurred.  I place blame on his father, the state, and the government because they control the weapons issue.  More incidents will continue to happen.  I have sincere sympathy for the families who have experienced this massacre.  Killings and murders will continue to occur with ethnic people becoming victims of racist gun violence.  My heart truly aches when I hear of these incidents. 

If this does not bother you, something is wrong.  I believe if the monster did not leave Publix, he would have started there.  Then, it could have been me gunned down, my son, or a friend because I go to that Publix often and that’s why I said it could have been my son or me.  It could have been many of my friends that frequent that Publix.  Now, let's return to the scene of the crime; The Waffle house.  Those people were victims of a hate crime and once again it could have been me that decided to have waffles.  It could have been a friend, a relative or anyone that I know.  It hurts to see our people murdered in such a way.  The four people did not deserve to die this way.  Believe me or not, this is going to be swept under the rug like a thief in the night because we are so forgiving and you know who the “we” are.  What if that was your son, daughter, sister, brother, mother, lover, friend, husband, wife, aunt, uncle, etc.?  What would you do and how would you feel?

Where do we go from here and how can we withstand?  Believe it or not, it will happen again as it has been happening most frequent with Black people gunned down due to racism.  Believe or not, he just might get away because he will plead insanity.  The law works for them, but not for you.  Arm yourself and teach your children and whomever you know about racism.  It is still here and will not go away.  It's amazing how the word “allegedly” is thrown around about this psychopath.   You can’t say that he committed the crime but you can use the word “allegedly.”

Let me repeat; arm and protect yourself.  Teach your loved ones about racism because it is not ever going away.   The law does not work for you.  Look at history as it is undeniably repeating itself.  Guns do not shoot people.  Stupid people with guns do the damage.  No matter how much you pray or believe in non-violence, it’s not going to stop it from happening. 

I may very well be persecuted for this blog, and that’s okay.  That’s the way life is when you tell the truth without adding sugar and spice. It’s okay for others to speak their mind, but we cannot.  Hint?   It's time to get off of the sidelines and say something and do something.  Protesting is subtle but adds a boycott.  Remember the Montgomery boycott or did we fail history?   The late Dr. Henrik Clarke said, “we did not study our history.”  Not only did we not study our past we did not look at the history of other ethnic groups. It is time to be smarter.

Stay tuned for ways to survive the demise of Black people.  Think about it