Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last blog for 2013

It is now the end of 2013 and whatever problems you have at this particular time, it’s a little too late in the day to change before the clock strike’s twelve or is it? I thought it would be in my best interest and for my own self-gratification to write my last blog for 2013. It’s been a while since I’ve let my fingers do the walking on the keys of my keyboard and type away and release my cracken of a blog. I’ve shed many tears, and had many regrets as well as blessings for the year 2013. All I know is there is no time to feel self-pity or depressing thoughts coming into this new year; 2014. Tonight I’m going to party like its 1999. I do know this; if you are one of those who want to sleep the New Year in, shame on you. You should only be doing such if you are a child whose bed time is at 8 or 9, the sick and or the elderly. The saying goes that whatever you are doing the night before the year end, you will possibly do throughout the new year; something close to that. I do not plan on going out with that stigma. I’m going to spend time with family and very close friends. I’m throwing out all the old and beginning the year as it is; new. If there are any thoughts of regrets and disappointments I’m putting it all to rest. So far I’m ending this year pretty good and I plan to continue the New Year in this same position; blissful. I was a sleeping uncaring person for 10 months. I’ve now awaken out of my coma. If you are one of the lonely ones, get up, get out and do something even if you go into the next room and turn on the television. You can’t start a new without new thoughts. You can’t clean a filthy room by leaving the filth inside. Think happy, breathe happy, and feel happy. Do not sit on your talent. If you don’t know who or what you are, find your purpose. Happy New Year and many happy thoughts to all!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Boycott while protesting

I haven’t blogged in a while because my heart was not in it. I didn’t feel the urge to type and talk about what people should know or do not want to know. I live in a world filled with foolishness with that seems to have no end. My co-worker and I were discussing the hot topic of the weekend; Paula Dean. We discussed the hoopla on how she referred to blacks as Niggers and how black people that work in her establishment were underpaid. As for me, I was not a bit surprised. She’s from the south and her great grandfather owned slaves. Her fans still loves her, and that’s the way it is. If she had made a derogatory statement against the Jewish people or homosexuals, would her fans still adore her? However, my co-worker/associate/friend begins to discuss to me what took place in her community over the weekend. A convenience store owned by Arabs in her community, in Nashville Tennessee is not very kind to black people. The owner of this convenience store refers to black people as slaves. Apparently he called a young black man a slave and this black man attacked him. My co-worker informed me this is something that happens often. I asked, “Why are you and everyone in this neighborhood still patronizing this store”? My co-worker informed me that she would no longer patronize this particular store and she asked if everyone else did the same within her neighborhood. By the way; the store is named “Obama Market”. I believe that was the owner’s method of mockery to make the people in that community believes that he likes black people. I suggested that her community boycotts this store. I proceeded to type up a flyer stating, “Do not patronize the Obama Market (listed the address) because they refer to black people as slaves”. I told her that the only way that this boycott will be affective if everyone sticks to their guns and stay away from that store. I reiterated; do not buy from that store under any circumstances. Pass by the store as if it is the plague. It is too late in the day for such nonsense. Black people aren’t some new discovery that arrived from Mars. Black people were stolen from their land, stripped of everything – their language and culture just to become slaves. That is a heartening situation that no one wants to explore, but keeps reminding black people of our degradation. I’m not prejudiced and I’m most certainly not a racist. I don’t have the money or power to be racist. I don’t count how many friends or associates I have, black, white, blue or pink. I don’t believe it’s fair to make racial slurs or refer to a people that was subjected to years of turmoil (and still today) due to the color of their skin. If you’re not black or have a black child, you will never know how discrimination hurts. I don’t want my children to experience this so I keep them away from people as much as possible, but I can only do this for so long. Eventually they will have to see and experience the hardship of this world and it breaks my heart thinking about it. It’s cruel and inhumane to treat people with such hate. It’s amazing how people are so protective of animals, but don’t give a damn about people. The only way for this owner to know what he has done is to attack his wallet. Protesting is not enough. You can march and picket until the cows come home, but when you stop the cash flow, it’s priceless. Just ask Paula and others that took that path. This world was made for all people not for one race. People need to understand that this is a melting pot. If our creator didn’t want us to be different, everyone would look the same. I do believe that would be a bit boring. Think about it

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Titles are useless

It was said to be the end of the word December 31 2012, but here we are today. People really didn’t pay attention to the key words of the Mayans: it was the end of their calendar not the calendar for the entire world. I would also like to add it’s always the end of the world for someone every second, minute, hour and day. This is why I do not pay attention to the prophecies or the rhetoric of today’s media. Now, the Pope has decided to retire as well he should. He has a title and never utilizes his power, so what is the point of the Pope. The Pope has the power to end wars, but I never seen or heard of it happening. The Pope can also invoke infallibility on matters of religious doctrine, but that doesn’t occur either. The Pope is considered the universal leader of churches. The Pope is also the Vicar of Christ, but still there are priest molesting children. Why do we honor the Pope who does absolutely nothing, but ride around from state to state, country to country waving his hand and simply saying “peace be on to you”? Are we truly honoring the Pope or respecting him because of that title? If the Pope has such an influence on religious beliefs and the people why doesn’t he make and take a stand on issues that matters? If the Pope took a stand on certain issues, such a gun laws, would the people really listen? Remember, he has that power because he is the Vicar of Christ. Perhaps people want someone or something to follow and these titled person’s such as the Pope are created to give people some sort of comfort in their times of despair. We all respect titles even when the titles are not being utilized. Let’s take our President for an example. He has the title of commander and chief, but the people still debate and veto every suggestion he interjects for the greater good of the public such as the band on automatic weapons. Why do we need automatic weapons when we’re not at war within our country unless I’m truly missing something? Children in Chicago Illinois are being slaughtered by the day. I understand that guns don’t kill people it’s the people with the guns, but where do these stupid people get these guns? The President may be a good man, outstanding citizen and family oriented, but he is only a puppet President. He is only allowed to do what he’s told to do by congress. He said that he works for the people, but that is only a fa├žade. Don’t get it twisted, I’m honored that they’ve chosen a man of color, but his blood line is a part of the chosen, meaning don’t expect much. He can only give what they allow. Does a title really matter if that title doesn’t do anything to help the world to become a better place? Perhaps titles only matter when you run a mega church! Think about it.