Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Taking Time to have a little fun

I haven’t blogged in 6 months because I’ve been constantly busy.  I say that I’m going to add to my blogs, but time doesn’t permit.  I must blog this time and it’s in reference to what we all should do; take time to relax and have a little fun.  We are a social media society; texting, chatting, FB, twitter, and, etc.  We never take the time to push aside the technology and relax.  Each and every day I’m either at my laptop, smart phone or computer emailing, responding to emails, working on a book and or setting up for my next show.  In addition to those tasks, I’m a caregiver, and parent of 2.

On Memorial Day weekend, I took the liberty to walk away from all of this with a friend.  I must say that we had an excellent two day get-away from all of the technology and work.  I never felt so rejuvenated in all my life and now plan to do it again with my family of course and with friends.  My friend and I had planned to attend the music fest in Huntsville.  It was a first for me and for her.  The hotel accommodations were splendid and every place we needed to be was within the area.

Before we partook in the festivities of the blues/music fest, we visited the Botanical Gardens in Huntsville.  The Alice in Wonderland exhibit was at the Botanical Gardens.  We felt like children again.  We seesawed, played on the swings, took pictures of the beautiful flowers and scenery and enjoyed the Butterfly house.  Before we had realized we had spent, 2 ½ hours at the Botanical Gardens.  We learned, played, captured and relaxed. 

As you can see in our picture, we were feeling the bliss at the moment.  This is something that we take time to do at least once a week. We promised ourselves that we should take time out every other month.  We had our smart phones, but we pushed away to enjoy life.    

I recommend that everyone should push away from the technology and have some fun. 

Think about it

Monday, February 3, 2014

First Blog of 2014

2014 is 34 days old, and Friday, January 31st 2014 was also the Chinese New Year- the year of the Horse. Is 2014 what you expected or do you need to wait 6 more months before you decide? So far so good everything is working out for me, and I can’t complain. It’s best to smile and be happy than to frown and make you sick. January 31st was a particularly significant day for me, and I took the time to celebrate with my family.

 If you follow Chinese astrology, the Zodiac sign of this year in the horse. People born under this zodiac sign have ingenious communication techniques and are always the limelight in their community. They are adept, kind, cheerful, perceptive, talented, earthy, but stubborn.

 For 2014 people born under this sign of the horse will be easily offended and will not keep a harmonious relationship with their colleagues. People under this sign will often be in doubt leading to a gradual loss of confidence. This is also an unstable financial year. Financial suggestions for this year are to be careful to make any financial investments.

There are other predictions for this year under the sign of the horse, but why beat a dead horse? All in all, people should be careful and weigh the pros and cons no matter what sign you fall under. Any and everything can happen, but if you keep a calm serene spirit, you may concur all.

I vowed to do something or learn something new each month of this year. So far I've
kept that promise. In this realm, we do not know how much time we have. Of course, there is more time than life, and we need to live it full of joy, love, laughter, and learning and sometimes endure the pain.

Think about it

Until the next blog…