Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Titles are useless

It was said to be the end of the word December 31 2012, but here we are today. People really didn’t pay attention to the key words of the Mayans: it was the end of their calendar not the calendar for the entire world. I would also like to add it’s always the end of the world for someone every second, minute, hour and day. This is why I do not pay attention to the prophecies or the rhetoric of today’s media. Now, the Pope has decided to retire as well he should. He has a title and never utilizes his power, so what is the point of the Pope. The Pope has the power to end wars, but I never seen or heard of it happening. The Pope can also invoke infallibility on matters of religious doctrine, but that doesn’t occur either. The Pope is considered the universal leader of churches. The Pope is also the Vicar of Christ, but still there are priest molesting children. Why do we honor the Pope who does absolutely nothing, but ride around from state to state, country to country waving his hand and simply saying “peace be on to you”? Are we truly honoring the Pope or respecting him because of that title? If the Pope has such an influence on religious beliefs and the people why doesn’t he make and take a stand on issues that matters? If the Pope took a stand on certain issues, such a gun laws, would the people really listen? Remember, he has that power because he is the Vicar of Christ. Perhaps people want someone or something to follow and these titled person’s such as the Pope are created to give people some sort of comfort in their times of despair. We all respect titles even when the titles are not being utilized. Let’s take our President for an example. He has the title of commander and chief, but the people still debate and veto every suggestion he interjects for the greater good of the public such as the band on automatic weapons. Why do we need automatic weapons when we’re not at war within our country unless I’m truly missing something? Children in Chicago Illinois are being slaughtered by the day. I understand that guns don’t kill people it’s the people with the guns, but where do these stupid people get these guns? The President may be a good man, outstanding citizen and family oriented, but he is only a puppet President. He is only allowed to do what he’s told to do by congress. He said that he works for the people, but that is only a fa├žade. Don’t get it twisted, I’m honored that they’ve chosen a man of color, but his blood line is a part of the chosen, meaning don’t expect much. He can only give what they allow. Does a title really matter if that title doesn’t do anything to help the world to become a better place? Perhaps titles only matter when you run a mega church! Think about it.