Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why Coffee Blog

I’ve received occasional emails in the past in reference to why my blog is called a coffee blog. 3 years ago I began my coffee blog via Dark Mantis Enterprises. I do believe that I did explain why I call my blog the coffee blog. Not to sound snobbish or persnickety as some may say, but let me reiterate why my blogs are called coffee blogs. In Jeanette’s world I awake sometimes from a dream or just from a hard sleep with various thoughts on my mind. Most mornings I reflect on the day before or something that occurred the night before I lay my head to rest. Being that I’m a writer, my mind is always racing. My blogs are often created early in the morning while I’m indulging in a great cup of Joe. This is how my coffee blog began because I was drinking a good cup of java and when I say good I mean the bomb coffee on a Saturday morning and it took control of my brain and quick fingers and that’s how that blog started. Most people need that cup of java in the morning; I do also. That’s why my blog is called “coffee blog” because I’m sipping and then typing to my heart’s content. Typing and sipping is a beautiful thing; try it sometime. I pause occasionally taking a sip of my freshly ground roasted coffee when I type out my blogs. Although my post may not appear until later that afternoon, doesn’t mean that the thought happened at that particular time. My blogs occur during my coffee time. It’s like a thinking mechanism. Okay you may say what if you had a coffee break during the afternoon or evening? Then I may do a blog then too, but for the most part, I try not to do coffee later in the day. It really interrupts your resting period. I already have a hard time putting this beauty down every night as it is. With that being said, what works for you doesn’t necessarily works for the next person. Think about it.