Sunday, February 12, 2012

Everyone Fears Something

Everyone fears something; no matter how much we deny, we have a fear. We fear drowning, poison, airplanes, travel, accidents, becoming older and etcetera. It could be anything, but most of all we fear death. Although we know this is something that is inevitable; maybe it’s the thought of how you may die that’s fearful. No matter, which way fate chooses for one to die, this is a task all must fulfill.

I do believe that what we fear is the unknown of death. We fear that our mortal existence will cease and we will be forgotten and I must say most of all…we fear that there is no afterlife. Truly no one actually knows if there is an afterlife. We are only going on what we’re told. No one ever came back from the dead and explicated what exactly happens when you enter the tunnel of eternal darkness; I believe this is what humans/mankind fear because it is the unknown. We’re going on religious beliefs – in hopes that our souls will live on eternally.

Most people have this religious belief that when it’s all said and done, we will see the almighty beholder who created the heavens, the hell and universe. But what if this is not what occurs? What if we are just laid to rest and that is the end of our existence? And…If we are to be reincarnated, we would not return to who we were before so therefore our mortal self will no longer exist as it was before. All memory of who we were will be erased. So death is truly the end of who you were. What do you think? Does it make since to you? Elaborate on this thought for a while before you explicate an answer.

Think about it