Sunday, June 19, 2011

Accepting the Flaw

When you meet someone and you notice a flaw would you correct that person or help them unknowingly? When I say help that person unknowingly I mean without making that person feel uncomfortable and do it with kindness instead of being shrewd. Everyone isn’t perfect; if we were perfect we would not be a part of this universe. We tend to want to mold a person into someone else instead of enhancing what that person already posses.

Every person has a certain quality and personality that can use some enhancements. We want to believe that there isn’t anything wrong with us, but often that’s not true. If you meet a person that seems to be the loneliest person in the world it’s because they don’t see the flaw within their self and is not willing to change. Also, no one took the time to help that person make a change. Most often, change is for the best. We also need to realize before we love or interact with others you must first learn to love yourself. Okay; most of us do need an attitude adjustment. I may need some adjustments my self, but at least I know and am willing to admit that it’s needed. What troubles me most is that most of us are not willing to work on you and make a change for the better.

People have the tendencies to walk away instead of working with what they have. We always look for the shiniest item instead of working with the diamond in the ruff. When work is required, we’re most likely to run. Without perseverance this planet would not exist; that is the same analogy we should utilize in everything we do. Its equivalent to planting a seed and watching it grow. A flower or vegetable that you plant from a seed does not grow on its own; it needs food, water, sunlight, love and care.

I believe that it’s a good thing to try to find the good in a person first before looking for the flaws. If you love or like a person you will help them instead of just ridiculing or backbiting about their situation. The tongue is a powerful tool and it cuts like a dull knife. If you’re cut by a sharp knife you will feel it later, but a dull knife hurts tremendously and is long lasting. We need to consider others feelings and treat others as they want to be treated; with kindness and understanding. Be willing to help others that you care for regardless of the flaws. Remember; no one is perfect.

Think about it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

 A woman walks by with long beautiful flowing hair, awesome shape, perfect lips, perfect nose and beautiful skin; she's considered a Goddess.  All heads turn as soon as this woman saunters down the street. She doesn't acknowledge the glances she receives, she continues on her way as if there was no one in sight.  Before she continues on her path she drops something; it's her lipstick. One of the men hurries to retrieve the lipstick and gives it to her.  She takes the lipstick without a smile or saying two simple words; thank you.  

Another woman walks by that happens to be average looking; cropped off dark hair, thick glasses, blemished complexion and somewhat on the heavy side.  She so happens to be carrying three bags and drops one. She struggles to pick up the bag with the items that she dropped.  She had to place the other bags down in order to maintain.  Meanwhile, there are several men standing nearby that notice her, but do not offer to help.

I gave these two examples because we're taught that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; is this true?  Television as well as the media in general always portrays people of beauty; you must have a particular shape, face, skin tone, height and weight.  If you don't possess an asymmetry face, clef in chin and etceteras, you won't make the cut.  They say it's the knowledge you posses and attitude, but in this world it's not about your manners or having the perfect attitude it's all about the look. No one wants to be the ugly duckling if it was so we wouldn't have plastic surgeons and oodles of cosmetics,

Even God has a thing for beauty.  He created the heavens and earth.  The sky is blue, the reflection from the waters is blue and it also states in the bible that the Devil was the most beautiful Angel created.  Everyone reacts to a beautiful person far different from an average looking person.  Test it out for your self and see where you fit in with this Beauty scenario. But in order for pretty to withstand you must have and acknowledge the ugly.

Think about it