Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Registering Your Child For School

Registering a child for school is not what I thought it would be. You would have thought that I was applying for a credit card. They asked for my water bill, electric bill, mortgage voucher and proof of vehicle registration along with the child’s birth certificate and immunization records. Needless to say,
when I inquired about registering my child I was not informed that I needed any extra documents; only the birth certificate, immunization form and proof of residency.

After completing the paper work I turned it in to the clerk. I gave her my documents and was then informed that I needed proof of vehicle registration. I asked what was the purpose of my vehicle registration? At that time I did not have it in my car. All I had is the title to my vehicle. That would not suffice. I explained to them that I have my correct address on my title. Nothing has changed within the past 7 years in reference to where I live. You can compare my address with my mortgage papers and utility bill. Still; not good enough they told me. They wanted vehicle registration to prove that I resided in the county in order for the school to receive their tax dollars.

Moving forward I offered my drivers license. They said that this would not be sufficient. This is when I became baffled. I was becoming a bit angry because now they were sending me out the door for more proof. Here I had my sons birth certificate, immunization form, copy of mortgage coupon and utility bill and of course my car title. These people said that this was not good enough. They didn't care if I was the parent of the child. They only cared about the tax dollars going to the school. The continuously mentioned to me the importance of tax dollars not be counting; 7 times.

My mind begins to wonder. What if I was a criminal that stolen a child and someones identity? That didn't matter as long as I had a vehicle registration showing that I live in my home. The title of the car does not suffice. I was troubled at what type of society we live in. I could have very well been a pedophile, murderer or kidnapper. I could have kidnapped a child and registered him or her in school. It didn't matter as long as I had proof of residency for their tax dollars. It leads me to believe that we may have plenty of kidnapped children going to school under the very noses of teachers and principles and no one would ever know because the proof of vehicle registration is what's more important.

I later that day called the Board of education because this truly bothered me. He explained to me that it makes perfect sense. The vehicle registration proves you are paying your tax dollars to the correct county. I asked what If I did not have a car? What will happen then? I was told that I would be listed as a person with no car. I then asked why didn't my license suffice? He said because we only ask for that when you pick up the child. I said oh. It doesn't matter who could be registering or dropping off your child. It only matters who is picking the child up. These leads me to believe that if you're looking for a kidnapped or lost child they could very well be a student at one of the schools because who ever checks id?

Think about it.